The Wilds: An Underrated Hit

By Hailey Ravitz

Coming of age meets a survival thriller in Amazon Prime’s “The Wilds”. This series revolves around a group of teenage girls who are left stranded on an island after a plane crash. Imagine “Lost”, but with a group of teenage girls, that’s “The Wilds.”


The show begins with 8 very different girls boarding a small plane with the intent of going to a women’s empowerment retreat called The Dawn of Eve. The plane takes off but never reaches the intended destination. Instead, a chaotic crash leaves the girls helpless on a deserted island, having to learn how to fend for themselves quickly. In each episode, flashbacks are used to reveal secrets of the girl’s pasts. The viewer quickly learns that all of these girls have experienced severe trauma that has impacted their identity. The group is culturally diverse and contains contrasting solid personality types. Surviving the island is one issue, and surviving each other is an even bigger one. 

Nevertheless, this is not a sweet and relaxing show about teenage angst. Every episode will have you biting your nails, eager to see what happens next. The plot thickens even more when it is revealed that this crash may not have been an accident but a part of a larger social experiment. 

Now is the perfect time to watch “The Wilds” to be caught up for season 2, which premieres on May 6. 

If you are a fan of teen dramas and addictive thrillers, you must watch this show. It is truly wild. 


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