5 Holiday Gift Sets From Sephora Worth Your Money

By: Sydney Cohen

It’s that time of year when Sephora stocks their shelves with an overwhelming variety of gift sets for the Holidays. Here’s a guide to the best sets that are actually worth your money. 

  1. Pillow Talk Beautifying Lip Set 

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the trendiest brands with a variety of products, and there is a ton of hype around the highly coveted shade Pillow Talk. Pillow Talk is a universal shade that compliments many skin tones and complexions. The Pillow Talk Beautifying Lip Set consists of a Hyaluronic Happikiss, Collagen Lip Bath, Lip Cheat and Matte Revolution Lipstick. The set is valued at $66.00 and is retailing for $49.00. This set includes everything you need for your lip routine and is a great deal on the most iconic lip products Sephora has to offer!

  1. Sparkly Clean Makeup Set

In today’s day and age, many consumers are on the hunt for clean makeup products. People want products with cleaner ingredients that are better for both the environment and their own health. It can be hard to find the clean products that work best, but this kit will show you the best of the best! The Sparkly Clean Makeup Set has a value of $118.00 and retails for just $42.00. Purchasing this kit will allow you to try many new products at a great price, and will help you find your new clean favs! 

  1. The Ordinary Big Set  

When it comes to skincare, expensive does not necessarily mean effective, and The Ordinary is a brand that proves just that! In The Big Set, consumers get the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Natural Moisturizing Factors moisturizer and Squalane Cleanser. This set is a cost-effective way to elevate your skincare routine!

  1. Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush 3 Piece Set  

Selena Gomzez’s brand Rare Beauty has been viral for months. An extensive list of beauty influencers and customers have taken to the media to rave about the liquid blush, explaining why it’s constantly out of stock on Sephora. This liquid blush is a total game changer when it comes to giving your face that dewy pink glow. In this beauty set, you get one full-size and two travel-sized blushes. A little goes a long way with this product, so you’ll be set for the months to come!

  1. Benefit Cosmetics Letters to Lashes Mascara Set 

Benefit Cosmetics is the creator of some of the most top-rated mascaras on the market. Their mascaras are known to volumize and lengthen your lashes, even creating the illusion of fake lashes. Their top three best-selling mascaras are included in this set, each at a full-size, ensuring you’re getting your money’s worth!

*Cover Image Credit: Sephora.com*

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