Fall 2022 Fashion Trends  

By: Hailey Ravitz

The crisp morning air blows through my hair as I leave my apartment at a sharp 8:30 a.m. The world looks different today. The once green scene has been replaced by autumn-colored leaves that have slowly begun to fall on the sidewalk. The sun is shining, but the air feels cooler. Fall is officially here. As the seasons change, so do fashion trends. It’s time to clear out your jean shorts and bring back the cozy sweaters.  

Here are some 2022 fall fashion trends:  

Oversized Bomber Jackets 

Jackets are a fall staple. This season, cropped jackets have been replaced by oversized bombers and leather jackets. Even a cozy sweat set can easily be elevated with the addition of an oversized jacket. H&M, Zara, ASOS, and Aelfric Eden are all great places to shop this style. If you’re looking for something unique, Chelsea Thrift on Depop sells the coolest vintage jackets that are perfect for this season.  

@chelsseathrift on Depop

Baggy Low- Rise Denim  

The denim trend this season is baggy low-rise jeans. Many fashion icons such as Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid have been spotted sporting this comfortable, relaxed fit. You can pair baggy jeans with a leather jacket to create an effortless street-style look. You can find these jeans on Revice Denim, Levi’s, and Urban Outfitters.  

@babybluebrew on Pinterest.com

@sukidukki on Pinterest.com  


Everyone needs a pair of loafers in their closet. This timeless shoe has yet to go out of style. The classic, clean look is a fall classic. Loafers can easily be found at any department store.  

@chasing_daises on Pinterest.com

Glamour Guide 

Mini Skirts  

New York Fashion Week proved that mini skirts’ revival is still strong. Miu Miu’s mini skirts were the talk of their show. You can’t go wrong with a pleated mini skirt, a pair of tights, and some loafers. Shop cute skirts on Miu Miu, Urban Outfitters, and Princess Polly.  

    V Magazine

@VirgnalAngelina on Pinterest.com  

Tall Socks  

Socks have been hidden long enough. This fall, socks are stepping into the spotlight following their appearance in the Miu Miu fashion week show. A taller sock is the easiest fashionable accessory. You can find tall socks/tights on sites like Wolford and Skims.  

@Bellahadid on Instagram

@RubyLyn on Instagram 

Pendant Necklaces  

Sometimes the extra touch missing in an outfit comes in the form of a chunky necklace. Pendant necklaces have been taking over Instagram and are the perfect addition to any fall outfit this season. You can check out some cute necklaces on the Heaven Mayhem website.  

         @heavenmayhem_ on Instagram  

Birkenstocks and Ballet Flats  

Two new shoe styles this fall are the Boston model of Birkenstocks and ballet flats. Comfort meets style with these two shoes. Some brands that sell cute ballet flats are Everlane, Porte & Paire, and M.Gemi.  

@spfyeah on Pinterest.com Whowhatwear.com

*Cover Image Credit: Hailey Ravitz*

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