How Wildflower Cases Blossomed Overnight 

By: Hailey Ravitz

What started as a mother’s arts and crafts project has blossomed into a successful business. Wildflower cases are the best way to style your phone. 

Sydney and Devon Carlson were young girls living in LA who wanted cool and unique phone cases no one else had. So, their mother Michelle handmade one-of-a-kind cases for them. The next day at school, all of their friends asked where they could get cases like theirs. 

 However, the Carlsons never thought they had a business idea until the cases were praised by the one and only Miley Cyrus. 

One night when the family was at dinner, sisters Sydney and Devon ran into Miley in the bathroom. Devon asked for a picture, and Sydney pulled out her phone to take it. Miley immediately noticed the stylish case and asked where she could get one. She followed the girls back to their table to talk to Michelle and urged her to create a business. Fortunately, the girl’s dad had a background in product marketing and graphic design, and was ready to create a website. 

Later, Miley tweeted a photo with Devon and the cases. They had no official company, yet suddenly had a high demand for cases. Overnight, the Carlsons launched the Wildflower website, and 9 years later, the company is still growing.  

Their products are promoted by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. 

I am always holding my phone. It is an accessory I cannot leave the house without. Thanks to Wildflower, my phone case is now a part of my outfit that people ask about. Check out their Instagram or website to see their latest releases! 

Wildflower Cases, Sydney Carlson and Devon Carlson
Credit: @wildflowercases on Instagram

*Cover Image Credit: @wildflowercases on Instagram*

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