Our Top Colleen Hoover Picks 

By: Stella Fisher and Sami Belous 

Colleen Hoover is one of the trendiest authors today. Her book “It Ends with Us” blew up on TikTok and her popularity has only gone up from there. She is known for her jaw-dropping twists and spicy plotlines that compel readers to finish her books in one sitting. Hoover uses captivating language that is easy to follow and immerses you into the plot. To make it easier for new readers interested in Hoover’s books, we created a top 5 list of her must-read books: 

  1. Verity 

First, Verity is a must-read if you love a good twisted storyline. This book is very different from Colleen Hover’s usual plot lines, but it is by far the best read in our opinion. It is a psychological thriller about a woman named Lowen who takes on the job as a ghostwriter for Verity Crawford. Verify was in a suspicious accident that stopped her from finishing her series. We don’t want to spoil too much, but if you are interested in a shocking story you won’t want to put this book down! 

  1. Hopeless 

Second on our list is Hopeless, which is a story with surprising secrets and an unexpected love story. Dean Holder is your typical high school bad boy who falls for a girl named Skye, his polar opposite. The book takes many twists and turns as it unveils the secrets Dean has kept to protect their relationship. Although Hopeless is part of a three-book series, you do not have to read all three to enjoy the first bit of Skye and Dean’s story. 

  1. November 9 

November 9th is a slow-burning love story about Ben and Fallon. Ben and Fallon lead completely separate lives, but meet once a year on November 9th to rekindle their relationship. The book takes a dark turn when Fallon learns that her life-altering accident was not exactly what she thought. We don’t want to say any more, but the shocking ending left us speechless. 

  1. Reminders of Him 

One of our latest Hoover reads,  Reminders of Him, definitely does not get enough hype. Reminders of Him is a story about a woman named Kenna who gets released from jail and tries to find her way back to her daughter after her time spent away. Her friends and family have moved on, so she is left to fend for herself. That is until she meets Ledger Ward. We definitely recommend reading this newly released novel to experience Kenna Rowan’s journey.

  1. It Ends with Us 

Lastly, the book that put Colleen Hoover on the map: It Ends with Us. While this book isn’t our favorite of Hoover’s, it’s the perfect one to start your Colleen Hoover journey. The story is based on your typical love triangle with a lot of romance and plot twists along the way. Lily thinks she meets the love of her life Ryle, until she encounters her first love, Atlas. This love triangle concludes with an ending that no one expected. We highly suggest this book if you want an easy read and are a sucker for a sticky love situation. 

Whether you read one of our suggestions or any other Colleen Hoover books, you won’t be disappointed. She is a talented author that captivates her readers through every twist and turn. Colleen Hoover has a large following of dedicated fans that are so passionate about her books that they were even able to convince her to turn “It Ends with Us” into a movie! We can’t wait to see one of our top five on the big screen and are looking forward to reading more by the best author of the 21st century.

*Cover Image Credit: Slate.com*

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