Why I Love Kamps Fitness

By: Jamie Vacca

The daily life of a typical college student is filled with stressors, ranging from friends to schoolwork to the future as a whole. It can be challenging to manage all of these things at once, which is why it is so important to find an outlet that relieves you of your stress. Starting college as a freshman in the age of a pandemic, I struggled to find my outlet. Not only because of the fear of getting sick while being away from my family at school, but also because of the many limitations COVID-19 imposed.

When I returned to Madison for my sophomore year, I figured it was time I gave Kamps a try. The fitness studio located conveniently on North Frances Street, just a brisk walk from the UW-Madison campus, offers a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that’s good for both the mind and body. The 50-minute class is split into a treadmill and floor section, with a stretch at the end.

Ever since I went to Kamps for the first time, leaving my phone behind and walking through the big black set of doors into the studio, I have changed for the better. Unplugging and channeling my energy into my workout, to challenge myself and grow stronger, is the best possible form of self-care.

When I’m in the dark studio with blasting music and an amazing instructor guiding my workout and encouraging me to keep going, I want to run faster and do the extra push-up to prove to myself that I can. 

Whenever I’m having a hard day, I know that 50 minutes in the studio, free of my phone and the outside world, is sure to turn my mood around and give me the motivation to keep going. Whether it’s a 10am class with Jake, an 11am with Bobby, a 4:30pm with Lexi or just Emma’s friendly face behind the front desk, I’m always filled with excitement when I walk through the front door. 

Now, as a junior, I’ve celebrated many moments at Kamps Madison, including my fiftieth class, then my 20th birthday, and later my 100th class. In the coming days, I’ll reach 150! I am so lucky to have found a place that makes me the best version of myself and pushes me to my limits, and am looking forward to all of the milestones to come!

*Cover Image Credit: Kampsfit.com*

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