August 2021 Book Club Pick: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

*Written by: Hannah Coleman*

The epigraph found inside of this month’s Fit Book Selection reads as follows…

“The eminent Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung said this: 

‘People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls,” 

But he also said this:

‘Who looks inside, awakes.’” 

Credit: Youtube

Lori Gottlieb had finally successfully navigated the uncertainty of early adulthood, finding her passion as an established prominent psychologist and mother to her darling son. That is, until a devastating breakup threatened to tear her life apart. For the first time in years, Gottlieb found herself on the opposite side of the couch, navigating the personal failures of her own relationships as the patient instead of the therapist. Through working as a both a clinical psychologist and patient, Gottlieb tells the story of herself and her patients as they struggle to navigate life through their various battles with grief, depression, and illness. 

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, serves as a testament to what Jung describes as the absurdity of the human condition as well as the gravitas of looking inward at oneself. In listening to Lori’s life story as well as her patients and her therapist that the reader is able to see the parallels of the human experience, despite the plethora of experiences each individual faces. 


Where do I find the book?

We always recommend using Bookshop to support local bookstores. 

Where can I learn more about Maybe You Should Talk to Someone?

Listen to Lori Gottlieb talk about her book, her career, and her personal life on the critically acclaimed podcast Armchair Expert with Dax Sheppard and Monica Padman. 

Want to learn more about Lori Gottlieb?

Find out all about her on her website 

Listen to her TedTalk “How changing your story can change your life