Why I Dress for Success, Even on Zoom

I think everyone can agree that when quarantine began and we were relegated to spending our entire day on Zoom, binging Netflix or baking like flour was going to vanish, the uniform of choice was the comfiest clothing in our closets. If we were taking classes from our rooms, then what was the point of getting ready for a day that would end right where … Continue reading Why I Dress for Success, Even on Zoom

How to Beat Zoom Exhaustion

“If I have to respond to one more discussion post I’m gonna -” is a thought that myself and many other students I know have at least once a day.  As a freshman in college, adjusting to a new lifestyle in a pandemic has proven to make even the most mundane of activities more difficult than anticipated.  Personally, one of the most uncomfortable of those … Continue reading How to Beat Zoom Exhaustion