Camera Roll Full of Memories

When May rolls around, you can always expect your Instagram feed to be filled with women popping bottles of champagne on perfectly-mowed lawns to celebrate their college graduation.

As a college senior, I look back on viewing those photos from years prior and wish I had understood the joy and the sadness behind those pictures. 

Credit: Pinterest

After years of taking pre-party photos in a dorm stairwell or apartment kitchens, seniors get to gather for one last photo shoot with their friends. These photos are beautiful, classy and filled with love and nostalgia.

As May rolls around, cherish the photo-ops of you and your friends. Think about all of the memories you want to look back on after you are no longer able to take those dorm stairwell photos. And capture everything.

The best piece of advice I received from my mom as I headed into my last semester of college was to capture everything in my memory and on camera. 

I now have a very silly camera roll filled with candid photos of me and my friends. Those are indeed my favorite pictures I have taken.

So, whether you are graduating this May or in three years, take all the photos you can. 

And hold the memories behind the photos in your heart.