December 2021 Book Club Pick: Untamed

*Written by Hannah Coleman* 

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– Sat the thing you must say.

– Go where you must go.

– Leave what you must leave.

– Trust yourself.

When They Say:

You seem out of control…

You say: 

Thank you. That’s the plan. 

For the rest of my life. – Glennon Doyle, UNTAMED

As humans we have the capability to hold on to moments that can change the course of our lives. For Glennon Doyle, this experience happened on a seemingly ordinary day in which she took her daughter to the zoo. It was on this day that Glennon met Tabitha, a cheetah that had been raised alongside a yellow lab, because of this she became tamed, fooled into chasing a stuffed bunny that was attached to the back of a truck, rather than hunting and living free. Glennon began to think, if a cheetah can be fooled into thinking her sole purpose in life was to chase a stuffed bunny hanging from a pickup truck. What does this mean for the rest of us? 

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In a series of small vignettes, Untamed teaches us about the ways in which we have all been caged by society. Glennon shares insight from her life experiences as a recovering addict, mother, and writer. She writes about her journey to lead a more honest life, divorcing her husband, and marrying to the love of her life Abby Wambach. Her wisdom has a unique duality in its ability to be highly personal, yet highly relatable. It is through the process of reading Untamed, that we are able to learn how to set ourselves free from the unnecessary burdens of living a life by societal rules. And remember you’re not a yellow lab. You’re a goddamn cheetah.  

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Where do I find the book?

We always recommend using Bookshop to support local bookstores. 

Where can I learn more about Untamed

Listen to Brene Brown’s interview with Glennon Doyle on her hit podcast Unlocking Us

I read the book. Now what?

Check out Get Untamed: The Journal. A journal created and guided by Glennon to help you on your own journey on “how to quit pleasing and start living” 

Want to learn more about Glennon Doyle?

Find out all about her from her website.

Listen to her podcast We Can Do Hard Things