Who Run The World? Girls.

Dear Readers,

In the wise words of Queen Bey: “Who run the world? Girls.”

Time and time again, women have proved we are the most badass species to ever exist. 

This testament has shined through in the amazing work of so many inspiring women.

The month of July has been a whirlwind for the advancement of feminism. 

We started out the month hearing from the incredible Sharon Getsis, who shared her story on finding LGBTQ+ confidence. 

We banded together after the egregious Supreme Court ruling that stated employers have the religious right to deny employees birth control coverage. After all, it’s our bodies and our choices of what to do with them. 

Our head of design Shana Lichaw bravely shared her story about how birth control ultimately cleared her struggle with acne, enlightening us on the multiple uses and benefits of birth control.

Afterall, the best drug to have sex on is birth control. 

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Now more than ever, women across the country are utilizing their voices to advocate for what is right. We explored how two amazing girl boss teams, The Catalyst Newsletter and The Vote Up Movement, are encouraging students to prioritize activism and voting. These women have shown us the power of using social media for good, optimizing it as a tool to further educate ourselves and others. 

A new staff writer, Cayla Brint, shared her thoughts this month as a Jewish American fighting for equality in 2020. 

Her powerful words,“This fight is not yet over, and we can’t let something so important fizzle out. Get angry. Get passionate. Get informed. Acknowledge that you probably are uneducated to some degree, but that that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Take today as an opportunity to learn and grow,” remind our community the importance of fighting for what is right for all humans. 

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We learned from our assistant fitness editor, Christina Perrier, that weightlifting is not just for the boys but can be beneficial to improving anyone’s mental health. 

Our staff sharing various tips on how to dress for ultimate confidence, how to achieve your best summer skin and reaching your fitness goals all add to our larger mission of encouraging the utmost confidence and the “best fit” for our readers. 

In the coming weeks, we are excited to begin a sex, love and relationships column, entitled Friends With Benefits. We hope this will propel women’s confidence and serve as a safe space for us to learn from each other.

While our staff is currently all women (although we are not limited, boys where you at?!) we are truly feeling the energy and spirit among our community. As we are encouraging each other with our wonderful pieces, creative graphics and innovative storytelling techniques, we hope to unite and inspire women all over, because we deserve to be celebrated. 

All the amazing women in The Fit Magazine community are doing their part to make our world a better place, while continuing to crack and ultimately shatter that glass ceiling. 

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The Fit Editors 

Ariana Dimitrakis, Annalise Kelloff, Emily Cooper, Gabi Falk, Julia DiRubbo and Shana Lichaw