Seasons of Love

We all know how the perfect romcom ends. Being chased through an airport, dancing and singing as you gaze into each other’s eyes, meeting up on top of the Empire State Building. 

If only we could all be so lucky as to live in a romcom, the world would be filled with endless happiness. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the reality most face as a 21st century college student amid the season of love. 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner many people may start to question where they are at in their love life. 

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Is having someone swipe right on Tinder the most romantic gesture I will ever come across? If I don’t have a Valentine what am I to do besides eat chocolate alone in my room and sing “Drivers License” at the top of my lungs? Am I going to end up alone with 83 cats?!

Now don’t fret. Everyone is at a different place in their love and nobody should compare themselves to others, especially when it comes to a Hallmark holiday dedicated to a guy who flies around in a diaper. 

Make this Valentine’s Day about embracing where you are in your love life, whether that means celebrating Valentine’s Day with a partner, with friends or on your own.

Celebrate the people you love in your life, even if they aren’t a romantic partner. Buy your best friend flowers, bake that heart shaped cake and snuggle on the couch. 

Make this Valentine’s Day about the kickass, loving individual you know you are, and eat some delicious treats while you are at it. 

Credit: Pinterest

If all else fails, we’ll be your Valentine. 


The Fit Editors 

Ariana Dimitrakis, Annalise Kelloff, Emily Cooper, Gabi Falk, Julia DiRubbo and Shana Lichaw