Eating for a Better Tomorrow

When discussing climate change and the fate of our environment it feels as if there’s rarely any good news. As our world continues to see rising temperatures, the increasing presence of natural disasters, rising sea levels and many more consequences of our ever-growing carbon footprint, I can’t help but feel powerless. However, there are many simple changes you can make to your daily habits that … Continue reading Eating for a Better Tomorrow

Why Quarantine is the Best Time to go Vegan

Before COVID-19, the bustle of everyday life prevented many individuals from trying different activities. Spending countless hours at home has pushed many to discover new passions and trends, and try out new hobbies, workout routines, and food recipes. If you are looking for another healthy change to make during quarantine, we have the answer: a vegan diet. But you may be asking, how will going … Continue reading Why Quarantine is the Best Time to go Vegan