Take a Break

Dear Readers,

In the wise words of Eliza and Angelica Schuyler, “Take a break.” 

While most people are home for the next month or two, experiencing this extended college break amid the pandemic, we need it now more than ever. 

After a semester of Zoom school, COVID-19 scares and diagnoses, a presidential election and more, you have every right to crawl into bed and binge your favorite series for a week straight.

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Once finals are finished, try something outside of your ordinary routine as a student — simply doing nothing. 

This is hard for many of us as we are constantly used to juggling homework, extracurriculars and a social life. But just try, at least for one day, to do nothing of substance.  

If you cannot unplug for a long period of time, take this break as an opportunity to focus on one or two things that need your undivided attention. 

Whether that’s working on your summer internship search or working on a passion project, set boundaries for yourself. Set aside one hour each day to submit applications. You don’t need to spend your entire break on your laptop sending your resume into an abyss. 

Do something every day that is just for you. Something you would not be able to do during your semester as a student, whether it’s enjoying a holiday drink at your hometown coffee shop, going on a long walk with a friend from home or learning how to cook a new dish. 

Relish in this unusually long break. The world still isn’t normal and it’s OK to take this time to unwind, slow down and do things that bring you joy. 

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